U.S. M1 .30 Cal Carbine full blueprints

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U.S. M1 .30 Cal Carbine full blueprints

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See the Carbine Blueprints book review at: http://www.thegunmag.com/epic-compilati ... -resource/

Larry Ruth (War Baby, War Baby comes home, and other Carbine books) provided all the blueprints and extras contained in this huge volume, and collaborated with me to produce this book. I spent three months restoring these blueprints and compiling this set of original, U.S. government issued prints. Freckles, spots, and fold lines that have accumulated over the decades have been removed, lines have been straightened, faded places have been restored, and the blueprints haven't looked this good since WWII (if then). This book has 180 pages at 12 x 18". While compiled mostly of original blueprints, extras showing various modifications and variations that have arisen over the years and other details have also been included, including eight pages of the 8.5 x 11" instruction chart series of color prints, showing the names and locations of all the carbine parts. This is ready now. Keep in mind that the resolution on the sample pictures has been reduced to limit the size of the files. The original file for Sample 1 is 6.2 megs (Huge!). All files were scanned and restored at 600 dpi, so these prints are sharp and clean looking, without jaggy lines or printing flaws, even though the pages are a foot high and a foot and a half wide. These prints put the usually-found random government prints to shame. This book is sent rolled (to avoid crease lines and damage), and will return to being fully flat after a day or two o flying flat. The entire book is printed on 28 lb, shiny-finished paper, (similar to the paper used in all the high-end collector books. 28 lb. paper is 40% thicker than standard printer paper, which provides greater durability and strength on pages this size so that they don't get accidentally damaged or torn when handled. The front and back covers are 80 lb cover stock, to protect everything. Binding is done with plastic combs, which allows the book to lay flat when it's open so that it doesn't need the pages weighted down to stay on the page you're reading/machining from.
Please reference "Carbine Prints" on your order.
$95.00 - includes U.S media mail postage and insurance to U.S. addresses. Inquire for the extra postage cost for foreign sales.
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Re: U.S. M1 .30 Cal Carbine full blueprints

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