Intro and carrier for Rocker 42

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Intro and carrier for Rocker 42

Postby sapper » Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:13 pm

Good evening gents,

I was a member prior to this post, but having checked back it would appear to have been half a millennia ago! ( cue intro to star wars)

Main interest is the MG34 and Brens ( sorry MG42 fans :D ) Prime part of the collection is the 37 Dated BSW posted on here a good while back............but have added things to the collection since then.

Very recent find hopefully is pictured below. 1st pattern double barrel carrier in field grey.
Manufactured by Switz in 1938
Lid and lock is slightly different to the second pattern.
Internal arrangement is different to second pattern.
Body has three annular reinforcing ribs only (second pattern has 2 more arranged front and rear along the length)
Base looks to basically the same as the second pattern.
No sling but I presume this would be webbing with leather reinforcing tabs, single adjusting buckle as per the single carrier I have.
early carrier 008 (600 x 450).jpg
early carrier 002 (600 x 450).jpg
early carrier 001 (600 x 450).jpg

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