The Channel Islands Military Museum, Jersey.

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The Channel Islands Military Museum, Jersey.

Postby Damien Horn » Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:15 pm

I am going to post a number of pictures of the Channel Islands Military Museum, St.Ouen, Jersey. The museum is housed in a former 10.5cm bunker which forms part of Hitler's Atlantic Wall defences. The bunker is actually built into the sea wall and is right on the spot where it would have happened if there had ever been an attemped invasion by the allies of the Island.
The Germans Occupied the Channel Islands for 5 years, and in that time there was an accumulation of tons of kit. When the war ended in the Islands on the 9th of May 45, the German soldiers literally left all war like material in situ and they were quite quickly shipped off to POW camp in the UK. They only took what was of use to them.....Jackets, trousers, boots, sidecaps, belts, bread bags and waterbottles and spare clothing in rucksacks etc. Everything else was left behind. Much was burned, buried or dumped at sea. Obviously some remained in private houses, farms etc and thats what is now coming to light and being collected by peole like me. I have been a collector here on the Island for 40 years now and am as keen as ever to acquire new items for my collection. I love soldbuch and wehrpass as well as photo albums from German soldiers who were stationed here in the Islands.
I hope you like the attached pictures, they show some of the kit which has been saved since the war. If some of you guys ever decide to come over to the Island, you will find that its well worth the trip with loads of bunkes and tunnel complexes remaining as well as lots of kit to see. Email me at and I can arrange a few things for you to and do see whilst your here. Its a small Island but full of German Occupation history. If your further interested in see kit then look at and you will see other items from the collection which may be of interest to you.
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Re: The Channel Islands Military Museum, Jersey.

Postby dwmmg08 » Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:17 pm

Really cool pictures, thanks for posting them!

I'd love to go see it, and your re-enacting group. Looks very cool!

Thanks for posting the pictures!
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Re: The Channel Islands Military Museum, Jersey.

Postby 42rocker » Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:09 pm

Cool Way to Cool!!!!

Anything left over to sell and help fund the group???

Thanks for sharing..


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