• New Run of MG74 Profile Barrels?
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New Run of MG74 Profile Barrels?

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 2:43 pm
by robertmcw
I have been speaking with Green Mountain about making a new run of MG74 profile barrels. (According to Wikipedia the MG74 is a MG42/59 variant licensed from Beretta and manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher.)

The MG74 profile barrel is called a “heavy barrel” and the barrel itself will have a chrome lined barrel with four right hand groves and a rifling twist rate of 1 in 305 mm (1:12) will have a riffing of 4x right hand twist to fit with a NATO 7.62x51 round, like the MG3 has.

Now, Wise Lite Arms is producing Green Mountain Barrel for Wise Lite Arms in .308. Barrels are made from 41V50 steel, chrome lined, with a Hot Black Oxide finish. Theirs will be 1:10 twist with the original M53 profile “to maintain a historic aesthetic”. Their stripped price is $300.00, shipped.

And I see where on Gun Broker recently sold a “…supposedly used factory Steyr MG74 Barrel. It appears to be in new condition…” for $441.02 PLUS $30.00 shipping.

Green Mountain wants a blueprint BEFORE we can talk about numbers of units and per unit costs. Well, I have a new in the wrap Steyr MG74 barrel and they will use it for a blueprint but I will need to pay for it. And that is OK if there any interest.

As to the barrel extensions – I am not a gunsmith and think a buyer would have a better outcome if the buyer provides his own barrel extension to have his own bolt head spaced as there a lot of barrel extensions around and for safety reasons. Then the buyer can stake it or have a gunsmith do it. I will ask them if they can engrave a number to match your receiver or bolt head, if possible.

The price would be between the Wise price and the Gun Broker price leaning more the Wise price area, depending my cost.

So, sent me a PM if you would be interested and the number of barrels you would want. If there is enough interest, I will pull the trigger and pony up the front money and order the barrels. I just really do not want to be stuck with bunch of barrels I can’t sell. I would think we can find the interest (or not) within a few weeks.

Thanks, Robert

Re: New Run of MG74 Profile Barrels?

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 5:15 pm
by Abominog
Ravenna Armory makes them from chrome lined Izzy 1919a4 barrels, complete and blued for under $300.

https://www.ravennaarmory.com/gun-parts ... e-b-clone/

Re: New Run of MG74 Profile Barrels?

Posted: Tue May 22, 2018 10:50 pm
by robertmcw
Thanks – I got one from last them year but it was not chrome. He said the make them up both chrome and non chrome based what they have on stock. I got what they had in stock and I knew it was a non chrome barrel. They are out of stock today (of this post time). They did not mark the caliber on the barrel on mine. The finish was great I think the twist is 1:10. I think I paid extra for the shipping. I checked them out before I bought and they seem to have good reviews and I am pleased what they sent to me. I have not used it yet.

If there is no interest, that is OK. I have a LOT of MG3 barrels and have at least one NOS MG74 barrel so I am set in that department. But the point is to see if there any interest for a ‘heavy barrel’ with a 1:12 twist for a heaver bullet for others.

This is just marketing research to if there any interest before I buy a lot of stuff I would stuck with later on.


Re: New Run of MG74 Profile Barrels?

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:45 pm
by gagunguy
Have you got much interest on the barrels?
1x12 be good for 145-147gr slugs.
Let me know what you have come up with.

Re: New Run of MG74 Profile Barrels?

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:51 pm
by robertmcw
Yep, that is why I wanted to look into it. The guys at Green Mountain want $350.00 to blueprint it and they would want a minimum number of barrels and I at first I thought they said 100 but I thought they said 50, but even so, I would out of a minimum $5,000.00 or more and even I can afford to it, there is seems to no interest.