• What did I find???? MG42 Front Sight area
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What did I find???? MG42 Front Sight area

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 8:55 pm
by 42rocker
What did I find???? MG42

Talking about MG42 Front Sight areas. Which is German and which is yugo??
Which is which??
Do to a Great study which I'll add the link to Sunday night.

Link to the Great Christian Kada Study


We can tell the difference between which company made the receiver by studying the Front Sight area. Important well yes and no. My MG42 shoots great I don't care if the front end is "Ford" the middle "Chevy" and the rear is yugo. Ok this is not for you.
Yes, I want a full German MG42 not some "Frankenstein" put together that is said to be all German. Knowing this information is important to you then. Of course most of ours are put together from receiver parts.
Myself I would like all of the parts to have been made by the same company and then have the correct parts in it. That's me of course.
Well on with the pics and Questions.

There are 4 different Front Sight areas in the study. I'm adding one, #5.
1st "double U"
2nd "long step"
3rd "short step"
4th "yugo"
5th "post war mg3"

Take a guess which 3 are German, WW2??

Now lets try to match them up with the pics and then look for the yugo one. Then #5 post war mg3

A. ---- answer ----- 5th "post war mg3" German post war


B. ---- answer ----- 2nd "long step" German WW2



Yes those are cotter pins someday I'll finish it, till then I'll just enjoy it as is.

C. ---- answer ----- 1st "double U" German WW2


D. ---- answer ----- 3rd "short step" German WW2


E. ---- answer ----- 4th "yugo"



Bonus Time: in this pic you see a barrel gate door. Whats above it and Why and Was this done to every receiver from that company???? ---- answer ----- A folded piece of metal that was install to keep the rear sight pin in. Seems it was only done for a brief period at only one factory

Bonus Time Extra Points: in these 2 pics you see two different front ends. In the crimped area which one would you call "with holes" and which "no holes"


Little Gun Porn. I still need to adjust it and then go shoot it. Can't wait.

Left yugo "no holes" right "with holes"

Left "no holes" "long step" right "holes" "double U"

Later 42rocker

Re: What did I find???? MG42 Front Sight area

Posted: Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:11 pm
by JBaum
And for anyone interested in a well made set of spade grips as shown in the pictures above:

They are a copy of the German made MG3 helicopter door gunner grips. They use a buttstock cup from an MG42 stock and can be installed in a few seconds. Just twist off the buttstock, and put the spade grips on, then adjust the trigger pull length to fit your gun (only needs done once), and they're ready to go. When using an AA tripod, it's much more enjoyable to be able to stand back from the gun and shoot. It keeps the gun away from your face, and makes shooting from the AA tripod a much better experience.

Since the Yugo M53 uses a different buffer that doesn't fit the MG42/MG3 buttstock cup correctly, these spades fit properly only on a German buffer. I'll get a link to his website posted soon. PM me if you're interested and I'll pass along his information.

I have a set and they're great.


Re: What did I find???? MG42 Front Sight area

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:22 pm
by 42rocker
Is correct about my "gun porn" pics.

One thing if you have a yugo buffer, don't worry if you want a great set of spade grips. I have the parts to help make it fit. Send me a pm about it.

Later 42rocker

Re: What did I find???? MG42 Front Sight area

Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 1:03 pm
by gagunguy
I may have sent a reply incorrectly, please forgive me.

I'm interested in a set of the spade grips.

1) how would I get a set?
2) hoiw can I tell if my MG42 has a German or Yugo buffer?


Re: What did I find???? MG42 Front Sight area

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2018 7:19 pm
by Chuck42
On the back of the buffer where the buttstock teeth are look and see how it meets up to the back plate if there is a radius its german if its a sharp square corner its a yugo. In picture starting from the left is mg3, ww2 steyr, yugo and yugo notice the radius leading up the backs on the 2 german versus the sharp edge of the yugos on the right. One could say look at the buffer spring cap and see if its tapered on the end butt seeing how yugo used a lot of german parts you have to identify the housing itself. Also notice the sharp hump on the right sides of the yugos the germans are smooth notice 2 on left german two on right yugo.