MG42 Top Cover Latch Screw

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MG42 Top Cover Latch Screw

Postby Davetom » Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:05 am

Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, first time post as well. I did a quick search and did not find what I was looking for. I purchased an M53 and want to swap out the top cover for an MG42 top cover. I have two problems at this point. The M53 top cover latch screw is bigger than the MG42 hole on the top cover. I have even tried an MG3 screw with the same problem. Is there a place to buy an original screw that will fit?

Next issue, the pressure plate where the belt feeds out of the gun, how does that come off? It is probably something simple but I am baffled by it.

Thanks for the help.

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