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What finish do you prefer on your mg42/53

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What finish do you prefer on your mg42/53

Postby Sw1ngK1ng » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:30 am

I am almost done working out the bugs in my mg53 and Im thinking about finishes. I temporarily cold blued the bare metal for protection but it is too uneven for me lo like it. I feel like hot blue would be nice but all of work. Im probably just going to have it parkerized but I have a few questions about it. Can you get a less flat finish with parkerizing or will it always come out the same? Also will it be a bad finish for any of the internals?

I would like to hear everyones opinion on their favorite finish or combination of finishes such as a parkerized receiver and everything else blued or any other variation. Pictures would be great!

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