$460 Yugo Lafette Tripods Available (x2)

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$460 Yugo Lafette Tripods Available (x2)

Postby Triggered » Sun Mar 05, 2017 8:35 pm

Stumbled across these tonight just looking around for parts; no association to the business or anything.

Lowest price I have seen for a Lafette tripod anywhere, period.

Only catch is it being located in the UK. Seller will ship internationally, but I have no idea what the bill would run for something that heavy making its way to America.

But still, for $460, seems like a steal - or am I wrong on this one?

https://www.saracenexports.com/product/ ... te-tripod/

There's only two available, but if someone was to spring on it, please let me know since I may order something.

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Re: $460 Yugo Lafette Tripods Available (x2)

Postby Der Alder » Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:45 pm

Not sure on the importation side, but the shipping is what would drive the price up a lot as they are big and heavy coming from the UK.

I got my MG3 lafette from RTG, but he is out of those. I bought my last two Yugo lafettes from Robert Bowman (an importer) who charged a reasonable shipping charge of like $40-50. At one time he had 3 grades, but all he has left now are unissued ones (which are super nice BTW but more money) for $595. I think Apex and Numrich has them too...you'd have to check on the shipping on those. Like I said shipping on these is what you need to pay attention too.

Here is a GB link to the last one I bought from Bowman:

I may get another soon for my next build as these won't be around forever either.

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Re: $460 Yugo Lafette Tripods Available (x2)

Postby Demontrooper » Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:39 am

Welcome back from the dead mg42.us lol. Yeah, I just ordered a bowman yugo tripod. His might be the last we'll see in a while. And they aren't much more than what they were selling for a couple years ago. The Sarecen tripod will cost more than Bowmans, with shipping.
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