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Maylaisian 7.62 NATO case seperation in MG42

Anything MG42 related.
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Re: Maylaisian 7.62 NATO case seperation in MG42

Postby Waffentag » Sat Jun 09, 2018 8:49 pm

Thanks Frank for the detailed reply.

The first thing that I did after I got the gun was to have Bob rebuild my recuperator with his new springs.

At first, the Malaysian was tearing off in the middle. Last time out, Some of the Malaysian and 2011 Lake City tore off near the base the rest tore off in the middle.

So, if I do have imperfections in the chamber, what can I do. 3 of the barrels are marked with a "C" and appear to be chrome lined.,

Thanks Pat

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Re: Maylaisian 7.62 NATO case seperation in MG42

Postby amafrank » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:22 pm

Most of the 308 barrels I've seen came from Austria and were for the MG74. They are license built versions of the MG3 with a few mods like the finned barrel bearing sleeve and the fancy trigger housing with single shot capability.
In any case the barrels may or may not be chrome lined and won't likely have any issues with rough chambers. They were all built during peacetime....or relative peace time as in cold war. Quality is excellent too.

I guess the only thing you can really do is make a chamber cast with cerrosafe and see whether there are any problems with the chamber. You can measure the diameters at various points to insure the taper is correct and there aren't any swelled areas.

If the chambers are fine and your headspace is within spec than likely the ammo is your problem. I've heard of some problems in the Lake City 50 cal brass but I haven't shot much 308 for a while so I don't pay any attention. Check some of the ammo boards and reloading sites to see if anyone knows of issues with the 308 brass. It is possible.

Find ammo the gun likes and shoot it. Some guns are picky and others not so much. I've got a couple rifles that will shoot about anything out there and a couple others that are one brand guns. It happens.

Last thing.....when you have cases separate are you getting gas blowback into the receiver? If you are is it popping the topcover or blowing crap out the ejection port? If not than my guess is you have a brass issue more than anything else. Some doesn't stretch well.

Hope that helps


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