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Stop Al Franken

Postby salt6 » Fri Jan 23, 2009 8:18 pm


An urgent message from our Newsmax Sponsor,
the Republican National Lawyers Association

Al Franken is very worried he won’t be seated

You’ve stopped him so far.

We can stop him.

Dear fellow American:

Despite the fact a judicial and legal process is under way in Minnesota to determine who actually won the U.S. Senate seat, the Democrats are brazenly trying to bully and disrupt their way in a shocking attempt to seat Al Franken in the senate.

Just this week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid arrogantly asserted he will seat liberal hate comedian Al Franken in the US Senate no matter what.

Reid stated: "We're going to try to seat Al Franken. There's not a question in anyone's mind, an assertion by anyone, that there's been any fraud or wrongdoing in this election."

How about starting with Minnesota law which clearly indicates Al Franken is not the U.S. Senator?

In fact, the election contest is still under way. Recently, the election process moved before a three judge panel to determine if Al Franken actually leads – after almost two months of Democratic funny business during the recount.

Remember, on election night Republican Senator Norm Coleman actually led Al Franken by 725 votes.

Then, Franken raced to his liberal friends in Hollywood and New York, getting millions from the likes of billionaire George Soros. Franken and his gang used this money to wage a fierce legal fight to steal the election from Senator Norm Coleman.

Media Hiding Truth About Franken Election Theft

It’s a disgrace what has been done. It is an outrage the media have simply not reported this story.

Let’s review some key facts Harry Reid, Al Franken and the liberal media don’t want you to know:

* Every major Minnesota newspaper has agreed that the election is not over until the Election Contest is over. The state’s largest newspaper, the Minneapolis Star Tribune ,stated: “Coleman is justified in going to court. . . . Both Franken and Coleman should want court-ordered answers to questions that the Canvassing Board could not answer."
* In its initial review of a few issues in front of the Canvassing Board, The Minnesota Supreme Court specifically deferred several significant issues during the recount to the Election Contest judicial panel including the issue of double counted ballots.
* Even Franken in December was arguing that some issues such as double counting and wrongly rejected absent were issues for the courts during an Election Contest.
* The manual of the Soros-ACORN backed Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie’s office on how to conduct a recount plainly states a Minnesota recount cannot address all issues. “This is an administrative recount held pursuant to M.S. 204C.35 and M.R. 8235. It is not to determine who was eligible to vote. It is not to determine if campaign laws were violated. It is not to determine if absentee ballots were properly accepted. It is not – except for the recounting the ballots – to determine if judges did things right. It is simply to physically recount the ballots for this race!”

I want you to know that we at the Republican National Lawyers Association are not stopping in our fight for a fair vote in Minnesota.

Al Franken and his liberal allies in Congress and the media are powerful. But we have the law and truth on our side.

And we have you.

We depend on the support of loyal Americans like yourself.

You can help our urgent cause today by donating to us – Go Here Now.

Al Franken Is Very Worried

We urgently need to get the word out that Al Franken is illegitimate.

This is why Harry Reid so desperately wants to seat Al Franken now and ignore Minnesota law.

He knows that Franken may very well lose the court run Election Contest!

And Franken is so furious he has not been seated, he has even filed suit, claiming that Minnesota law does not apply to a Minnesota Senate race – if you can believe that!

Al Franken is very worried.

He fears that if all the legal votes are counted, and only counted once, Senator Coleman will win -- just as he did on Election night.

Al Franken is also desperate, so desperate his friends want to stop us the RNLA.

Franken’s allies at the Democrat Party of Minnesota filed a complaint against RNLA with the Federal Election Commission.

They want to stop us because they know how effective we are.

They want to shut us up.

But they can’t if you help us – Go Here Now

They know if people of America know the truth about the Minnesota election, no one would accept the outrageous seating of Franken as a Senator with all the irregularities, fraud, and problems associated with this election.

Our Country’s Future May Depend on This Race

Please remember that much is at stake here.

If Al Franken wins, the Democrats will have 59 seats in the U.S. Senate – just one Senate vote short of giving the Democrats the ability to crush a Republican filibuster.

This means Reid, Obama and Pelosi will be able to push through radical legislation on all sorts of issues. This is why they desperately want to put Al Franken in the Senate.

Franken is a notorious liberal. He will be a rubber stamp for Obama, Reid and Pelosi. They know that every vote will count in the new Senate. The whole future of the country may well depend on this crucial Senate vote from Minnesota.

Fox News analyst Dick Morris has warned that the Democrats want Franken in the Senate to push through a radical agenda. Dick has praised the RNLA for our efforts to demand a fair vote in Minnesota.

You can help RNLA stop Harry Reid’s attempt to put Al Franken in the U.S. Senate.

Please donate today – Go Here Now.

Thank you for your support of our cause.


Michael Thielen
Executive Director

PS. RNLA has led the fight against vote fraud and exposing groups like ACORN. RNLA did not stand by and let ACORN get away with saying that all they did was register people. Now Reid and Franken want to say there was nothing wrong and the Minnesota election is over before the election contest court case even really starts. We don’t have access to Hollywood money and billionaires like Soros. That’s why your help is so critical to our cause. Please help us today. Donate today. Go Here Now.

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