America's Nazi Party

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America's Nazi Party

Postby michaelangelo » Fri Nov 08, 2013 1:45 pm

Today as at no other time in our country's history one of the major political parties has policies which mirror those of Nazi Germany. After meeting Adolph Hitler grandpa Joe Kennedy told Democrat FDR that Adolph was a man they could deal with.

The Nazi's gave their people cradle to grave medical care. The Nazi's registered all guns. At 2AM the Gestapo (read Homeland Security) collected all registered guns. Jews were required by the Nazi's to register and then as we all know they were collected by the Nazi's and moved to the camps. We are in Phase I, Obamacare, now but the desire for Phases 2, gun registration, and 3, gun confiscation, are very much present amongst our DemoNazi friends. Obama is also not friendly to Jews.

Hitler worked with industry to get what he wanted (read pharmaceutical, insurance, etc.)and eventually double crossed his union buddies. He has been double crossing the coal industry using the EPA to shut it down and Obamacare will be another double cross to the unions if they do not get what they want from HIs Majesty. So much for the useful dupes.

How long will it be before Obama, the Kenyan, is physically removed from office? How much more damage should he be allowed to do? I do not know the answer.

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