Battery installation in Battery Box

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Battery installation in Battery Box

Postby redleg105 » Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:11 pm

Does anyone have a picture showing the proper installation of the batteries in the box? Also need pictures of the inside of the box as I may be missing some internal parts.

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Re: Battery installation in Battery Box

Postby Oldrelic » Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:55 pm

The Battery Box for the MGZ light system worked off of X3 4.5v (volt) Batteries.
The same Battery as used in a WWII Basic German hand held light.

The original style WWII German Batteries are getting very difficult to find.

Bergflak Has a 4.5v Battery adapter for sale.
This looks like the real battery, but opens up to hold 3 AAA Batteries
inside one adapter. They even have a correct looking WWII German product
sticker on them !

You will need 3 Adapters , and a total of 9 AAA batteries, I was told that you can
run on less Battery power (Adapters) , but your light will be dimmer and your AAA
Batteries will not last as long. They originally used X3 4.5v Batteries.

The Batteries are ran in parallel , so it doesn't make a difference which Brass blade
touches which contact in your MGZ Battery system box , as long as the Batteries
are All (+) on one side and All (-) on the other side.

You can find bergflak at :
Look on his : Items For Sale tab , in the MG section .


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