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Lafette Pics

Posted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:34 pm
by 42rocker
A couple of interesting Lafette pics. Should add one or more places this Lafette is stated fsu.
fsu code for Excelsior, Brandenburger Fahrrad und Motorradwerk

2 bolt shell.jpg

What's so interesting about this pic?? My thoughts love to see someone else post a few.
1st That's a 2 bolt spent shell deflector tray, not three bolt nor is it spot welded like the early ones.
2nd Shape of rear buffer mount and Large buffer spring housing tube.
3rd Style / shape and way the MG42 mount is attached to the frame.


WaAmp roller.jpg

1st one of the few roller bolts that I have seen with a WaAmp mark on it.
By the time they are rebuild and shipped out of Europe and we get to buy, normally not seen WaAmped
2nd What a Green color. Not like any Original color that I know of.

I'll be taking more pics of this Lafette and a few others and posting pics and Questions. PLEASE join in on this thread and offer a few words.

Later 42rocker

Re: Lafette Pics

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:58 pm
by bergflak
Yugo(?) reworked MG34 Lafette. I can't find any German WW2 Lafette with a 2-bolt tray in my archive. They are all 3-bolts, or riveted with 2 rivets. Even the first fsu 1942 MG42 Lafette has a 3-bolt tray.
But note that the tray has been removed and blued (should be painted in same color as Lafette) during refurbishing and re-attached post painting of the Lafette. It is easier to use bolts compared to riveting, putting it together again....! The bolts doesn't confirm to the German WW2 standards.

Re: Lafette Pics

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:49 pm
by 42rocker
Thanks for your input on this. I agree that 2 bolts in this case quicker than 2 rivets.
Still I find the stamped shape to be interesting. I don't believe that this is a 1 off. Several were made. Do you or anyone else have a pic of one still riveted to the side so we can see the shape of it??

Lets post a few more pics and ask for thoughts on them.

Later 42rocker

Re: Lafette Pics

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:05 pm
by 42rocker
Following pics are from the same lafette.

015 shell bottom.jpg

This is the bottom. Note how professional it looks. Edges in general how they are cut and shaped.
Thoughts anyone?

003 D rings.jpg

We have been told German rings look like a "D" and it does. I'll post what yugo looks like another time.

004 fsu rear holder.jpg

I took several pics best I got this time. the marking on the right side of the rear holder is "fsu"

009 1941 bkh search fire.jpg

Wait what was the year that the MG42 came out? And this is dated 1941 bkh, interesting.
Ok, old left over stock they were using up. Within 1 year some say is ok.

006 Right side wing nut.jpg

Right Side wing nut
007 Left side wing nut.jpg

Left side wing nut
Wait! They should be the same right.
Ok, my thoughts on some of this post is to show you how things are being mixed up in order to complete a working lafette. In the last 10 to 15 years several Large groups of Lafettes have been reworked just to get them working and out the door. (more on that another time). Interesting thing is that they were not remarked in order to claim and ask for more money as they are now "German marked" just rebuilt to get them working. Lots of mixed German and post war yugo parts together.

Have fun, a few more interesting pics of this Lafette later.

Later 42rocker