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Bi pod let down

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Bi pod let down

Postby usmc8488 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:37 pm

I recently purchased this bi-pod on GB to replace my post war Yugo. My bid was much higher than the price I paid as no one bid against me. I knew from the photos it was missing the clip for the retaining pin for the bi pod legs and one hole in the legs was damaged. (I did receive exactly what was in the photos)

What did I miss here?
What was in the add
GG BiPod 1a.jpg

GG BiPod 4a.jpg

GG BiPod 3a.jpg

I pulled it apart and this is what I found.




Non magnetic

Non magnetic

What I think is German WWII

The non-magnetic parts seem to be some type of pot metal. lucky for me the final price with shipping was under $100 and didn't reach my max bid.

is there a thread on bi-pods that I missed

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Re: Bi pod let down

Postby anjongni » Sat Feb 06, 2016 6:11 pm

The consensus is that the simplified bipods were among the last to be produced during the War, out of whatever was still available.
They are described in Folke's first book on page130.
"Later, the MG42 bipod was redesigned and simplified...."
He mentions that the studs that hold the bipod open were "troublesome".
Of course, when the Yugoslavs re-tooled for their production of the M-53, they copied the German "adjustable" MG42 bipod.
My MG42 receiver is marked "PJ" much like the bipod leg.
The part number doesn't look like the typical Yugoslav "S-....." we see on their parts.
I think you have a rare one. Congrats...Phil

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