Any info on mg-32 receiver blueprints?

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Any info on mg-32 receiver blueprints?

Post by pfarber »

I am looking for a good copy (clear, showing all dimentions etc) for a AL version of the MG-34 receiver.

THey simply don't seem to be availalbe.. plus I get to play with my mill!

Any hints tips links on where I can get a good (and DETAILED) set?
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Post by Blanksguy »

There is a man (WME______?_________) that advertises in "Shotgun News" that advertises "Blue-prints"....I don't have a copy near me now.....but he places his ads in the Automatic weapons sections for sale area..and it is not in every issue. He has blue-prints for a lot of different weapons for sale.

WME Blueprint

Post by BELTLEAD »

I have a MG34 Blueprint from Bill of W.M.E. .He is located in Las Vegas,Nevada. (702)242-5300.The blueprint is in 1:1 scale and cost $25.00.He is a Class 2 Manufacturer and used to own a MG34 and knows a lot about them.
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