• Building a 1917a1 semi auto
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Building a 1917a1 semi auto

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 2:00 am
by 42rocker
Well I have been working on parts for the last few weeks and thought it was time to finally build a 1917a1.

Goal to have the 1917a1 build and ready to shoot at my "Builders and belt fed shoot" on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Nov 25th, 2018. Can I do it???? Think so. Lets see if I can get it done.

Need to finish picking a few parts yet. As I'm not willing to pony out any more money than I need to I'm going to have to weld up a few holes on the left side plate. Still need to order rivets and a semi trigger.
Please check out the pics as to what I'm starting with. As I'm not willing to spend the needed money to buy a great blacksheep front end I'm going to use a 1928 front end that I own.

What do you think of my start or what are you building?

Later 42rocker

box parts - need to think about what I'm going to use on the left side plate.
1917a1 1.jpg

1917a1 2.jpg

1917a1 3.jpg

I need to think about the inside parts
Westinghouse Parts


Remington Parts


RIA Parts

ria 2.jpg

Re: Building a 1917a1 semi auto

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 5:50 pm
by 42rocker
Just got my 70% semi auto right side plate in.THANKS to April at KMP. Also Big THANKS to Tom at KMP.
KMP sells good stuff and helps out the hobby.


Why did I go 70% semi auto rsp, because I'm going to engrave the rsp in the old style location. As my wife and I own an engraver we can do that on a personal build. Not for resale that is.
Also I guess I should state that after more than one or two talks with friends I'm going to do an RIA 1917a1 build. Going to take a 1919a4 RIA bottom plate with it's still attached left side plate and remove the rear sight holder and fill the three rivet holes in with rivets. Talked about welding the holes shut but after Tom/KMP and Lucky#13 and I talked about how parking would go better with pressed in rivets, going to do the pressed rivets route.
Also thought about using a new left side plate but the last run that KMP did has the rear sight holes. I understand that the next run will not have those holes drilled out so they can be used for 1917a1 builds.
Also got in my semi auto trigger and sear from KMP.
Hope to get some time this weekend to work on a few things.

Later 42rocker

Re: Building a 1917a1 semi auto

Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:01 pm
by 42rocker
Well ran out of time and money. Now the plans are to get it ready for my March 24th, 2019, Sunday shoot.
Need to have the bolt fitted for the KMP sear and then get a few o-rings and finish the project up sometime. For sure this time by the next shoot.

Later 42rocker