Restoration of a Trommelschlüsseln

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Restoration of a Trommelschlüsseln

Postby timarmitage » Tue Jun 06, 2017 3:43 pm

Tim R Armitage on the restoration of a Trommelschlüsseln 34, a worked example
I bought the tool on ebay from Russia and it was very rusty and completely locked with rust.
1. Soaked overnight in Plus Gas.
2. Still rust locked, warmed up with a blow lamp and returned to Plus Gas, mechanism now free.
3. Cleaned in an ultrasound machine for approx. an hour. All rust and grime removed, tool now down to bare metal.
4. Toggle bar removed and new one created, aged in salty water to create aged look with holes.
5. Toggle bar replaced in the tool and welded in.
6. New spring added to the adjustment part of the tool, this was very difficult, and secured.
7. Blue epoxy metal added to the surface on the tool to fill in rust holes. Tool repeatedly filled and holes gradually filled in. Sanding each time.
8. Surface of the tool sanded back with wet and dry paper. to create even surface
9. Tool completely cleaned in thinners and dried.
10. Tool put into cold blue, removed, cleaned with water and then treated with oil.

Thus the tool now works and has an acceptable finish. Thus with some effort an inexpensive but exceptionally rare item from ebay can be brought back to life.
The article links to the excellent article by Bergflak on the use of the Trommelschlüsseln 34 tool. Bergflak has given me permission to do this.
Tool rec'd from Russia
One side
One side

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