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8mm x 57 Mauser Headspace Gage Variations & Measurements

Anything MG34 related.
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8mm x 57 Mauser Headspace Gage Variations & Measurements

Postby maddog51 » Fri Jan 13, 2017 10:13 am

This link is from Foster Gauges: ... surements/

Was thinking of purchasing a MG34 barrel for a spare and don't have any 8mm headspace gauges.
In my search for gauges, I got this info. Old 20° 48” shoulder angle was changed to the to the current 19 ° shoulder angle. Current 19° headspace gauges will appear as if they are longer. In that case your Go- Gauge will not close if its set right on the money and you may think that you have to tight of a head space.

The earliest revision Foster has of this 19° SAAMI print is dated 4/21/1980.

You have to call Forster directly for the 20 degree gauges.

Order numbers for the older 20 48 gauges are: GO Gauge: HG8mmoldG , NO-GO: HG8mmoldN , FIELD: HG8mmoldF

Read the link, it's more detailed.

Just passing on info that in my old age I'm learning.

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Re: 8mm x 57 Mauser Headspace Gage Variations & Measurements

Postby JBaum » Fri Jan 13, 2017 4:33 pm

Just when you think your ship is coming in, somebody moves the pier.

Thanks for the info.
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