Wiselite M53/mg42

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Wiselite M53/mg42

Postby man_am_boden » Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:56 am

Wiselite M53
From what ive recall and dated it with a couple users on here, is it was a second year of production gun. It has quite a few ww2 marked parts. There is some wear on the rightside of the trigger guard from the trip latch I figure. It has a wolff heavy spring installed and comes with original to. Has a leather sling, comes with an extra trigger spring not including original and an extra latch for the flash hider, and 8mm headspacing gauges. Still have the wooden transit box for it to.
It also comes with two 308 barrels, MG3 top cover, MG3 feed tray, mg3 flash hider and booster cone, MG3 charging handle. For the 308 setup I also have a Blue Force Gear M240 sling to use with it, for a modern look.
Three belts and two starter tabs, one HK drum, one green ammo box, and 308 headspacing gauges and barrel mitt. I believe I have 50 dissintegrating linksbut im not sure if I find them id give them to you.
Comes with an MG3 tripod and a vehicle turret ring. Tripod has great shape optics and the battery box, the illumination still works fine. One of the pads on the tripod, the one that goes against your back has a tear in it. You could buy a repair kit or if you wanted I have some od green duct tape.
I have various german translated to English manuals for the tripod and optics, possibly some for the gun as well.
The ammo that’s on belts will come in two drums and 4 ammo cans. Two of the ammo cans are ww2, one is a European theater one and the other is an Afrika Korps one. I bought them from IMA years ago and believe they are original paint as well. Two other cans are yugo post war. The two drums and carrier are ww2 and were also bought from IMA.
I have 10 starter tabs, 4 or 5 are ww2. I have27 8mm belts, I forgot how to tell which are ww2 I seem to recall how many circles they have or something I know some are yugo stamped on the alst link and some last links are cut different, I also know a good chunk of these are ww2 so you can just be pleasantly surprised. Another 2 belts are broke.
It will come with aproximetly rounds, 1510 rounds of romy, three 3spam can is sealed another is open. And 2 wooden crates, one sealed still, one opened and opened spam can of yugo for about 1855 rounds of yugo.
I don’t really see myself shipping it as the cost would be astronomical, that being said I am willing to drive quite far, im at 53520 WI to get a transaction done, obviously we would have to meet up at an ffl in your state to do the paper work if youre not from WI.
I have lots of pics but do to the hassle of posting on forum I only posted the one to show you but message me and let me know your number or email and I can send you a bunch.
This is cross posted to.
Im asking $6000
I also know it is a lot of money so I am interested in a pretty big list of things to get the price down or if it’s the right things for a straight up trade. Let me know if you have something neat outside of the list I may be interested.
I also would be willing to split it up if most of it is spoken for in a group buy type of thing so message bellow if your interested in a specific thing but I wont sell until most of it is spoken for.
List of item
Scar 17, HK45CT, Benelli M4, PAS 13, PEQ 6 that’s the MK23 one, PEQ 15, Walther PPK, 454 Raging Bull the long barrel one, .50 Deser Eagle I believe it’s the MKVII the one without the rail cuts, Aimpoint T1’s, 308 german or south African battle packs, MK12 Mod 0 or Mod 1 rifle prefer just the upper though not a home assembled one can be . DSA or other quality brand dust cover rail and forearm rails for an inch FAL, FAL mags prefer inch, Haley Strategic d3cr and d3cr-H, SOE NSW Rig, Colt M45 USMC marked one, ar15 mags only okay industries and leo marked ones, ak47 Sar 1 has to have the threaded barrel, ak47 midwest industries rail systems, ak47 lightning bolt, ak 74s, a really good condition 73-87 chevy k20 or k30, and ammo 556, m2 ball only lake city, 7.62x39, 45, 9mm and no steel casings.
If you think you may have something of interest to me that is worth more let me know I could always throw some cash out as well or I have other ww2 guns.
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Re: Wiselite M53/mg42

Postby 42rocker » Fri Oct 20, 2017 8:44 pm

Moved to Completed Sales as pass 90 days. Almost 11 months.

If you want to post this again you are welcome to do that.

Later 42rocker

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