New book: German rifle grenades and launchers of WW1+2

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Re: New book: German rifle grenades and launchers of WW1+2

Postby IMBLITZVT » Mon Apr 27, 2015 3:45 pm

You know... to me... if you could put the text into google translate by page, that would be plenty! I can make out what is being said well enough.

I have thought these books even with a very rough translation would really make it worth buying. I can flip between the basic text and the real book.

For example, I have a 1918 Mauser T-Gewehr book in German. I don't read German. If I had an electronic file of the text, I could plug it into google translate and understand about 98% of what is going on. However without the electronic version, its impossible.

If I could get even this basic translation, I would probably buy one too. My english is good enough to understand the poorly translated German! :cross:

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