Finally! AND want help "near" upstate NY

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Finally! AND want help "near" upstate NY

Postby Abominog » Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:45 am

Well!! After 18 months I got my 80% reweld and semi conversion back from Huntsinmtns.

Now, the problem is fewfold: 1) I don't know MG42 well. Granted I have JBaum's books, and working with those to ID parts and assemble the assemblies will certainly be of value. 2) I can't weld and don't have a welder, and can't see to buy one to use once 3) given the amount of post-build debugging I've seen here, I'm concerned that my talent won't be sufficient and will take forever to get it working.

Thus, the question becomes: is there anyone in Western NY who can help? Barring that, I would even consider driving to northern PA, even eastern Ohio or western MA. If you're willing and able to help me finish this baby, let me know!

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