Fitting New Cam-Pcs. into Receiver.....

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Fitting New Cam-Pcs. into Receiver.....

Postby Blanksguy » Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:07 pm

Once a builder gets to the point of cutting the Cam-Pcs. Holes in the Receiver..........or, is fitting new/used Cam-Pcs. into the receiver........or is at a point of requiring the replacement of the current Cam-Pcs. in their receiver..........what is the procedure to correctly fit a set (or replacement-set) of Cam-Pcs. into a receiver (?).

I went over to Brian's Pdf-File.......and this gives us measurements of where the holes are located (great information).......but what is the allowable tolerances for fitment (?)........are they required to be tight or is some movement required for self-centering (?).

Along these same lines of thought.........if the measurements for the new Cam-Pcs. would make the new set slightly "loose" in the is this corrected (?)...........fine welding on the receiver or on the Cam-Pcs. to-be-fitted to "take-up" any measured movement (?).

So what would be the correct method for Cam-Pcs. replacement and fitting (?).
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