New m53 build

Ask your build questions here. Welding, assembly, etc.
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Re: New m53 build

Post by JBaum »

I'm sure it will take more than a few months of spare time (I have no spare time) to get all the pictures that I now have restored, BUT

I have restored the pictures in the messages back to this thread (over an hour of work),

THANKS TO KarlT from this board for preserving a lot of the old threads and sending a flash drive with them to me so that I could restore the pictures. I picked a great place to start, as these pictures are outstanding in their detail and depth. The only one I don't have for this thread is the last picture... anyone?

More threads will be restored as soon as possible.

:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
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Re: New m53 build

Post by roadrunner »

Thats fantastic John.
I left most of those photos on an old camera that died.
Thanks for the effort.
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